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A Colorado Good Morning!

I made it!

With all of the global tangle that went down with Delta Airlines yesterday.

In fact, I feel very much like I skated through this with nothing more than a 4 hour delay which was minimal compared to those who still are dealing with cancelled flights, sleeping on airport floors, trying to get to their destinations on day 2 of the “Delta Debacle.”

When things are beyond my control, I stitch.  I listen to audio books.  I take a break, and talk to the person next to me.  Stitching in public always brings around loads of interest.

I am using a Bionic Bag that was made especially for me by a reader, because it is smaller than the usual bag I carry.

I’m having to adjust what I bring this trip because I am also carrying a machine, so everything that wasn’t machine had to fit in my shoulder strap computer bag, and I was minimizing weight and bulk for this short 4 day trip.

How did flying with Black Beauty in a cooler work?  If you missed yesterday’s photos click HERE.

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